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The Sherman Boseman Legal Group is a law firm specializing in Labor and Employment, commercial transactions, litigation, complex negotiations and, most importantly, problem solving.  The firm was founded by Bradley A. Sherman and F. Allen Boseman, Jr., who have both spent their entire careers practicing at large, national firms representing, among other things, Fortune 500 companies with a global presence.  

Sherman Boseman utilizes its robust “big law” experience with a personal touch to formulate practical yet sophisticated legal solutions for its clients.  Sherman Boseman distinguishes itself from its competitors by being nimble and quickly adapting to the changing legal landscape, including the implementation of technology to personalize the lawyer-client relationship. 

For these reasons, Sherman Boseman is focused exclusively on “Big Answers, Not Big Law” and this fundamental difference provides our clients - both large and small - with a one of a kind experience tailored to their specific needs.



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Bradley and Allen’s biggest shared strength is their ability to think outside the box and objectively analyze legal issues to provide comprehensive advice and counsel. In addition, their diverse backgrounds have exposed them to such a wide range of experiences that they collectively have a perspective of the world that few, if any, law firms share. This strategic advantage has armed them with knowledge to evaluate and analyze complicated, multi-faceted problems from every conceivable angle to provide comprehensive and effective solutions.

Strategic Relationships 

Sherman Boseman has the unique capability of fusing “big law” experience and relationships with a touch of pragmatism to formulate practical yet sophisticated legal solutions for clients.  The old axiom that “who you know is just as important as what you know” still rings true in today’s integrated society and Sherman Boseman has some of the best relationships in the business.  From vendors who provide expert legal support to community and business leaders, Sherman Boseman has access to tremendous human resources that have – in one way or another – been instrumental to how the firm has identified, analyzed, evaluated and solved some of its clients most complicated problems. 

Stated plainly, Sherman Boseman’s relationships are priceless and, more importantly, they are built for the long run.  Every strategic relationship is created with three simple ingredients – respect, integrity and value – and this formula has proven to be extremely successful in maintaining, cultivating and growing relationships.  As a client, these relationships and the goodwill associated with them are inextricably tied to comprehensive legal services provided by Sherman Boseman.  Therefore, Sherman Boseman’s relationships are also our client’s relationships.


When Sherman Boseman is retained, the client is instantly plugged into the network of contacts, associates, and professionals that Bradley and Allen have worked 30 + years to cultivate.


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